Almond Oil Benefits : Why You Should Start Using It

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Almond Oil Benefits : Why You Should Start Using It

Almond oil will keep your skin looking fresh and full of life if you incorporate it into your beauty regimen.

Almond is a carrier oil that’s extracted from the almond nut. Almond oil is excellent as a beauty treatment. It features a pale yellow color and it has a high percentage of Vitamin A, B1, B2 and B6. Additionally, it contains Vitamin E that nourishes your skin. It is also relatively pure.

Various kinds of almond oil have completely different uses. Almond oil is great for skin care. Instead of using artificial and chemicals massage some almond oil to your skin for natural skin care. Tell us some almond oil beauty secrets.


Almonds possess a way of trapping moisture within the skin keeping it moisturized all the time. Better still, its high lubricating quality makes many users stay with using it as their daily skin care product.

Sun Protection

Harmful ultraviolet rays cause wrinkling, sunburns, aging, and cancer of the skin. Though sun -blocks and sunscreens are effective. Almond oil can help reverse the damages caused by sun exposure.

Chapped Lips

Almond oil has it’s beauty secrets hidden to resolve all such problems. Take 5-6 drops of almond oil in 1tbsp of honey and blend well. Apply it on your lips whenever it feels dry. You’ll come to discover the almond oil beauty benefits inside a week. Your lips won’t become soft and smooth but will also grow more pink at the same time.


Fight your wrinkles effcetively if you take to a natural skin care regime. Packed with vitamins A and B, almond oil has many benefits. Almond oil reverses signs of aging and renews the skin cells. Additionally, it revitalizes our skin thus making it look even more young and radiant.

Dark Circles

Almond oil has a multiple skin care benefits. Among them, removing dark circles or under eye bags is a benefit. They are the most commonly visible spots on the skin. It is very easy to cure them using almond oil. Have a few drops of almond oil on the cotton ball and massage it inside your under eye region regularly.


Almond oil may also be used as a very good facial scrub. It removes all impurities and the dead skin cells. Mix 1tbsp of almond oil and 1tsp of sugar. Gently scrub this mix on the face in clockwise and then anti-clockwise directions. You will notice that how the use of almond oil contributes to your beauty by making the skin fairer and brighter than ever before.

Reduce Tanning

Due to sun exposure, many parts the face and the body tend to get darker and tanned. To get rid of the layer of tan, create a paste of almond oil, honey, lime juice and milk powder. Use the paste on the affected area and then leave it on for 20 minutes before washing with water. This helps get rid of the tan and also restore lost moisture of your skin.

Almond Oil Benefits

Almond Oil Benefits

Massage Therapy

Almond massage oil gets absorbed fast, and serves as an excellent emollient. It gives a soft feel for your skin and controls the level of moisture in the cells. Almond oil recovers your skin and returns its glow, helps a skin tone and improve complexion. Moreover, massaging with almond oil helps ease muscle pain and improve blood flow.

Hair Benefits

Almond oil may also work wonders on your hair and scalp. Warm up a bit of almond oil and rub it to your scalp. Let it set having a warm towel wrapped over your head. Use almond oil to thin out heavy thick oils, like castor, when you wish to seal moisture into your hair. Almond oil reduces split ends and hair shedding, even while, giving your hair rich shine and true softness.

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