Enhance Your Beauty With Almond Oil

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Enhance Your Beauty With Almond Oil

Almond oil can be used for beauty and health purposes.

Almond oil can mean the difference between shiny locks of hair and thin, damaged hair. It doesn’t only positively affect the hair, but it also helps health and skin. Almonds contain high levels of vitamin E, vitamin D, magnesium, and calcium. Many of these nutrients are beneficial. Apply the oil topically or ingest it to improve your health. Use sweet almonds. Bitter almonds contain Prussia acid, that is lethal to mammals.

Almond oil is created from the sweet kernels of almond. Aside from being healthy, almond oil has many beauty benefits. Your looks does not only rely on your makeup and style alone. It also depends a lot around the quality of your skin. Natural oils can improve your skin to a large degree. Almond oil is excellent for skin care. Instead of using artificial and chemical products massage some almond oil to your skin for natural skin care.

Beauty With Almond Oil

Almonds contain vitamin A, B and E; many of these vitamins are essential to keep the defense mechanisms and whole body processes running. Sweet almonds are not only seen good for your internal health but they contribute a lot for your external beauty as well.


Why is almond oil the best for skin is the fact that it suits all skin types; whether it is dry, oily or normal. It is light and therefore easily absorbed by the skin. But, it’s best suited for dry skin. All you need is a regular massage in your skin. It works as a wonderful soothing remedy and cures chapped or cracked skin.

Lightens your under eye circles

Almond oil can fade away dark circles and under-eye bags too. Taking few drops of oil and massaging gently around your eyes can help to eliminate dark circles within few weeks of usage. Get it done regularly for desirable results.

Chapped Lips

Have chapped lips? Almond oil has it’s beauty secrets hidden to resolve all such problems. Instead of using a petroleum jelly, use a homemade lipsticks made with almond oil. Take 5-6 drops of almond oil in 1tbsp of honey and blend well. Keep this in a small container and you’ll use it for a week. Put it on on your lips whenever it feels dry. You’ll come to discover the almond oil beauty benefits within a week. Your lips won’t become soft and smooth but will also grow more pink simultaneously.

Hair Benefits

Almond oil is great hair tonic. It combats hair fall and energizes the growth of hair and also puts a stop on premature graying of hair. Giving your hair a nice massage with this particular oil makes your tresses healthier, stronger and thicker.

Beauty With Almond Oil

Beauty With Almond Oil


Fight your wrinkles effectively if you take to a natural skin care regime. Loaded with vitamins A and B, almond oil has numerous benefits. Almond oil reverses the signs of aging and renews the skin cells. Additionally, it revitalizes our skin thus making it look even more young and radiant.


Almond oil may also be used as a very good facial scrub. It removes all impurities and dead skin cells. Mix 1tbsp of almond oil and 1tsp of sugar. Gently scrub this mix on the face in clockwise and then anti-clockwise directions. You will notice that how the use of almond oil adds to your beauty by looking into making your skin fairer and brighter than ever before.

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