Olive Oil Hair Growth – Best Natural Remedies For You

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Olive Oil Hair Growth – Best Natural Remedies For You

Olive oil is known to be one of the best natural remedies for promoting the growth of good hair and skin and overall body health.

There are many causes that contribute to hair fall or thinning of hair. Pollution, poor diet, and medicine are few of such reasons. But, another cause has ended processing of the hair. Hair coloring or styling is okay if you do it once in a while, however dyeing your hair frequently or using hair straighteners or curling irons can dry and damage the hair. Also, in the long run it can contribute to thinning of hair. Olive oil contains many essential vitamins and nutrients also it can be applied to our hair to sustain moisture and shine.

Olive oil, included in a regular hair care regimen, can help your hair and scalp reach their healthiest potential. Make olive oil for hair growth a regular priority in your hair care.

Let’s talk of the various health benefits provided by olive oil for hair growth.

Natural conditioner

Apart in the fact that olive oil is an effective treatment for hair loss, additionally, it acts as a natural conditioner for hair. In other words, applying olive oil on hair causes it to be shiny and soft.


The existence of antioxidants in olive oil makes it an appropriate hair oil that promotes overall scalp health. Hair damage caused because of excessive use of chemical-based hair products can be treated with the aid of olive oil, thus giving room for healthy hair to develop.

Common scalp issues

Undesired scalp conditions are dry scalp, dandruff and itchy scalp feeling. Besides in the inconvenience they feel, many people respond to scalp conditions by unknowingly scratching their scalp.

Antifungal and antibacterial properties

Olive oil also has antibacterial properties and antifungal properties that fight off common scalp and hair problems. Head lice and dandruff are a couple of examples of conditions that can be either prevented or hampered through the application of olive oil to the scalp.


With its nutritional value and almost immediate healing capabilities for that skin, it is believed that olive oil can make hair grow instantaneously. Although extra virgin olive oil has been touted like a cure to hair loss, it actually uses its fatty acids to moisturize the scalp, which will promote follicle repair. With time, the hair follicles may be repaired.

Olive Oil Hair Growth

Olive Oil Hair Growth

Massage Oil

Massaging your scalp with olive oil will assist you to get rid of the build up of dust, dirt, or other contaminants in the scalp. This will help to keep the scalp cleaner and improve the natural strength towards the hair.

Improve blood circulation

Massaging scalp with olive oil will improve blood circulation and boost the hair growth. Simultaneously massaging will help to de-stress and help in peaceful sleep, that is important to maintain overall good health.

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