Uses of Johnson Baby Oil

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Uses of Johnson Baby Oil

Johnson's Baby Oil is known for locking in as much as ten times more moisture on wet skin.

The Johnson’s baby brand is known for it’s gentle products however they aren’t only for babies, they work wonders with an adults skin too, specifically if you have sensitive skin because they don’t contain any harsh ingredients. Today among my personal skincare favourites from Johnson’s, their Baby Oil, particularly the one with Aloe Vera. Johnson’s Baby Oil is known for locking in as much as ten times more moisture on wet skin than many lotions do on dried out skin.

A treatment for sunburn

Johnson’s Baby Oil with Natural aloe vera can also be used to assuage sunburned skin if you have been unlucky enough to be trapped in the sun for too much time. Aloe Vera is ideal for soothing sunburn because it helps to cool it down and go ahead and take redness from the skin. If while using baby oil like a treatment for sunburn, either combine it with bath, or put it on instead of usual moisturiser either immediately or following a shower. A point worth noting here, would be to make sure that the infant oil is used at night, or at best not in hot sunshine weather. If you have baby oil on the skin and then return out in to the hot sunshine your skin will fry.

Remove eye makeup

Uses of Johnson Baby Oil

Uses of Johnson Baby Oil

Put some baby oil on the cotton ball. Gently rub it over any eye shadows that you want to get rid of. Maybe use another cotton swab to wipe away any excess oil.

Use Baby Oil to Shave

Baby oil not just softens your skin, however it can also be used to melt your beard or even the hair in your legs. To make use of it, simply pour some with you and rub it onto the skin area you are going to shave.

Stay Warm Once the Weather’s Cold

Massage the skin with baby oil before getting dressed, and it’ll help you stay warmer throughout the cold weather months. The oil closes the skin pores helping insulate the body. It will also smooth and moisturize dried out skin.

Foot moisturizer

Johnson’s baby oil also works wonders for dry or cracked feet and heels. To put it simply some oil on dry areas, cover with socks and then leave on overnight.

Reduce stretchmarks during pregnancy

Apply some baby oil to melt skin and stop stretch marks while pregnant. I hear good stuff about cocoa butter too. Shea butter. Anything greasy and easily-absorbent.

Remove earwax

When in-ear headphones were beginning to become a thing, I went deaf in a single ear. Panicked, I visited the doctor only to find out that I were built with a cebum compaction, earwax clogging my ear to the stage I couldn’t hear. Gross, right?

For that temporarily hearing impaired, there’s a simple home remedy to deal with that waxy buildup: baby oil!

While laying in your corner or tilting your face so your affected ear expires, drop five drops of baby oil inside (warmed, should you really want to dissolve the mess) your ear. Allow it to stay for very long enough to dissolve a few of the wax, then allow the oil drain onto a clean towel or in to the sink. A tiny bit of warm water may be used to dislodge any last bits having a small bulb or needle-less syringe.

Johnsons Baby Oil can be obtained from all the typical places, Boots, Superdrug, pharmacies and supermarkets however i
like to consider it in stores like Body Care and Savers where it’s available at a level cheaper price.

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